About VratnicaUnited.com i.e. the story behind the website…

This website is dedicated to Vratnica, beautiful place located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia, Europe.

The Vratnica United project is creation of Sashe Antic.
It was launched in March 2009, but got the real looks in October 2010.
VR UTD is a successor of Vratnica.5u.com (Cyber VRATNICA Internet Site), the first Vratnica website at Internet (started back in 2001).

Inspiration For The Website

What was the inspiration this site to be created?

Here’s what Sashe says:
“I just adore Vratnica, so this is my little gratitude for all the wonderful moments I spend there.
Also, I dedicate this site to the founders of Vratnica, the people that lived and live in Vratnica, Vratnicans all over the world, to all friends of this magnificent place.”

Aim Of Vratnica United (Вратница Јунајтед)

This site aim to be ultimate online destination for all Vratnica people and fans of Vratnica. The time will tell will we succeed in our mission.
Follow us, get the latest news from Vratnica, check out photos from VR region, discuss, communicate with your fellows Vratnicans.

Explorers, Familiarize Yourself with Vratnica…

Learn things about Vratnica, its citizens, the lifestyle, Vratnica families, the youth, untouched nature, Rakita river, glorious mountain peak Ljuboten, Shar Planina, Golina Lake, FC “Hajduk”, but also interesting things about the neighboring places (Belovishte, Staro Selo, Rogachevo, Orashje, Jazince), Polog region, and many more.

The project is part of Cortex Cerebri Network.

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    Vratnica United

    VratnicaUnited.com is website dedicated to Vratnica (beautiful place in the foothills of magnificent mountain peak Ljuboten, northwestern Macedonia) and its people.
    Info, photos, news, events, lifestyle, and more interesting stuff related to Vratnica.

    Vratnica United - Bringing Vratnica People Together
    Vratnica United - Bringing Vratnica People Together (Вратница Јунајтед)

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