At ‘Vratnica Shop‘ you can buy: products, organic food, carvings, Ljuboten tea, and other stuff produced/grown in Vratnica area.

The products can be available for sale or not (in stock or out of stock).
Contact us if you are interested to buy something. Please state the name of the product and quantity.
We will inform you on the price and pickup/delivery method.


Organic Food:

  • Honey ————————————– (1 kg) —————– (out of stock)
  • Eggs ————————————— (pieces: 30) ——— (in stock)


  • Wood Carvings and Wooden Sculptures —————- (various) ————- (in stock)


  • Ljuboten Tea —————————- (stems: 10) ——— (out of stock)

Want to sell your stuff at shop? – Write to us. We are open for cooperation.

    Vratnica United is website dedicated to Vratnica (beautiful place in the foothills of magnificent mountain peak Ljuboten, northwestern Macedonia) and its people.
    Info, photos, news, events, lifestyle, and more interesting stuff related to Vratnica.

    Vratnica United - Bringing Vratnica People Together
    Vratnica United - Bringing Vratnica People Together (Вратница Јунајтед)

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